How To Order

Here is all the information you need to place your order

Our website is simple to navigate and use, but if you are new to our website format or a little unsure about how our system works, please read below for a full guide to make your shopping experience simple.



Our site is simple to move around:

Left hand menu – takes you to the various categories of products we have for sale. Clicking on a title will take you to that category.

Top bar menu – takes you to the essential pages or our website, including terms and conditions, delivery information and contact details. Again, clicking on a title will take you to the relevant area.

Search box – if you are looking for a particular product, either by name or product number, enter it into the search box and click on the magnifying glass. Your search results will be displayed.



Our shopping process is easy to use:

Peruse our categories and products available.


To view a larger image of an item, simply click on the magnifying glass at the bottom right-hand of the picture.

If more than one picture of an item is available, click on the small rectangular icon at the left of the magnifying glass and a slideshow will be displayed. Use the arrows at the bottom of the slideshow box to navigate the pictures. Close the window in the normal way using the red box in the top right-hand corner.


Quick Order – if you like the look of the item and the price and there are no order options on the item, you can simply type the number you require in the box and click on the shopping trolley to add the item to you basket. If an item requires you to select a colour or size etc. the quick order option will not be available and you will need to go into the product details.


Full product details - by clicking on the ‘MORE DETAILS’ caption, you can view the details of the product. You will then see the individual product page. The image options listed above will still be available and you will be able to see a longer description of the item, the price and possible options.

By using the drop-down box, you can select your colour, size, flavours etc. If options are listed, you MUST select the relevant option from the drop-down box in order to continue with your order. If an option is being offered that you do not want, you will need to select the ‘No, Thanks!’ option to proceed.

Once you have selected your options, type the number you require in the box and click on the shopping trolley to add the item to you basket.


A summary of the order will be shown in the middle of the screen – when you have read it and are happy, click ‘Add to Basket’. You will be taken to the basket and shown what is in it. You can then select ‘Go to Checkout’ or ‘Continue Shopping’.


You can view your basket at any time by clicking ‘Basket’ in the top bar menu.


Checkout – simple to use, and takes only 2 minutes to complete an order!

Firstly, you will be shown your current order total. Please select United Kingdom from the first drop-down menu and your desired delivery method from the second menu. Your delivery charges will be added and total updated on the screen. Full details of our delivery services and prices can be found in the top menu bar under ‘Delivery’.


At this point, clicking on "Secure check out" will connect you to our secure ordering system.
You may cancel the secure order process at any time during the ordering process until you click on the "Send Order" button. No details will be passed on to us, until you click on the "Send Order" button.


Terms and conditions - You will then be shown our full terms and conditions. By placing an order you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed. Your order will be dealt with in accordance with these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before placing your order. If you are happy with the terms and conditions, please click ‘I accept these terms and conditions’.


The Secure server – you will now be forwarded to the two-step secure server.


Purchase information – tells you how much your order is and where you are buying from ( . If you have a gift voucher, please tick the ‘Claim Voucher’ box and enter your code in the ‘Voucher Code’ box.


Please select your payment method – the payment options are all shown. Please select the relevant payment option and complete the required fields which are shown, including card number, name on the card, expiry date etc. For PayPal payment, you will be directed to PayPal as your order is completed.


Billing Address – this must be the address your payment card or PayPal account is registered to. You will have the option to post to a different address, but the billing address must be correct in order for your card to be charged.

There is a box labelled ‘Your Notice to Us’ – please use this box if you want us to leave the parcel in a particular place or you have any message for us. It isn’t compulsory.

How did you find us – by letting us know how you found out about our website, we can track our advertising methods to see if we’re getting value for money and to find the most popular ways customers look for certain products.


Options – these 2 boxes are purely down to personal choice. ‘Remember my details for future visits’ will save your details in cookies so if you come back and buy from us again (which we hope you will!) your details will be remembered and make re-ordering easier for you!

‘Please include me in your mailing list’ gives you the option to be put onto our email database.  Our email updates are sent out with special offers, news of new products and discontinued items. Your email details will be stored in our email server but never passed on to anyone else.


Now, simply click ‘Review Secure Order’ to move onto Step 2.


Displayed on the screen now will be a full summary of your order including your payment details, billing address details, products ordered and order total. If you are happy with everything on the order summary, simply click ‘Send Order Securely’ and your order will be sent straight to us.

If you have chosen to pay by PayPal, you will now be asked to log in and make your payment.


The screen will now showing ‘Processing order’ - this can take up to 3 minutes, depending on your browser and order size.

You will get a page thanking you for your order and you will receive an order confirmation to the email address you gave us.


If you have any questions or queries, please email us at